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Mindful beauty. Effortless skincare. Culturally diverse brand. Superior radiance. Natural botanicals. From the fairest of skin to the richest in melanin, Pink & Brown is committed to clean, global beauty.


Ethnic origins greatly influence the structure of skin and its appearance. The word “ethnicity” refers to diverse cultural factors, their environment and climate. This impacts the skin’s overall health and appearance. A person’s skin color is determined by the distribution and density of melanin `{`which is responsible for the skin’s pigmentation`}`. Hence, the way each culture should care for their skin depends upon several factors.


Pink & Brown is meticulous about the ingredients we use in our products. We use organic, wildcrafted and fair-trade ingredients formulated without animal testing, parabens, dyes, or harsh chemicals. Our organic/plant-powered everyday essentials add a healthy glow to your beautiful skin. All botanicals are selected for freshness, purity of source, quality, and potency. The majority of our botanicals are extracted in-house using a traditional steam distillation method which optimizes the freshness and efficacy of our products. As a brand, we have challenged ourselves to do our best to protect and care for this beautiful world that God has given us. From product creation to packaging, we are committed to being sustainable by utilizing natural, renewable, and eco-responsible materials wherever possible.


Pink & Brown is the embodiment of clean beauty derived by the power of organic botanicals. It is the quintessence of intentional multicultural skincare. Our vision is beyond skin color. It is about a woman’s confidence and the power of natural beauty.



Lisa is deeply committed to her mission, driven by a resolute determination to excel in her endeavors. Her unwavering passion lies in the realm of beauty and wellness, encompassing not only physical appearance but also the harmonious well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. Her ultimate purpose is to facilitate individuals in attaining and nurturing a state of profound inner and outer beauty.

To realize this lofty aspiration, she has dedicated herself to acquiring comprehensive expertise across the spectrum of wellness practices. Her primary objective is to disseminate this wealth of knowledge to a broad audience, enabling countless individuals to embrace and benefit from the principles of holistic well-being.

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In pursuit of her objectives, Lisa maintains an ongoing commitment to rigorous study, continuous research, and the assimilation of cutting-edge knowledge within the domains of beauty and wellness. She holds extensive qualifications in skincare treatment, organic skincare, essential oils, and nutritional practices for enhancing skin health. Lisa has also attained the esteemed status of a Certified Skincare Coach, further bolstering her expertise in the field. As the visionary Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Symmetrics Beauty, LLC, she has established a distinguished enterprise dedicated to the promotion of natural, clean beauty.


Her beauty and wellness products are designed to enhance your natural beauty without the additional toxins and chemicals found in many of today’s cosmetics and foods. Lisa believes, without a doubt, that it is possible to achieve a healthy, vibrant lifestyle using natural ingredients.

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